Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let da sky be da limit...
Let me open my heart a bit...

Let me cry
before my tears get dry...

Felt I lost,
When I Left...

Its all Friendship
Dat Lead me with grip...

Friends Am UR Ajsal,
Never let me feel dull...


  1. blogger :)hehee entering new dimensions..happy 2 c u trying new stuffs...keep goin bro..all the very best..hope i can c more followers in the coming days...and i knw u r gonna make me proud hehe cos i can tel others i was the 1st one to follow dis blog:)

  2. Thanks nair kutti

    Actually am using this for more than one year... now only shared in facebook

  3. bhai, u stopped writing? why no updates?

  4. just wait for weekends ... !!! :)